Family Outreach Corner

The role of the Parental Involvement Coordinator at Oak Grove is to help make the relationship between home and school be a successful one. I am available to help with many situations that may arise during the year. Please feel free to call me if I can be of assistance.

Some of my duties include;

1.  Monitoring attendance
2.  Helping with eye exams
3.  Helping with clothing and household items
4.  Mediation between school and parents
5.  Parent Involvement

Please click on files to view our Parental Involvement Policy and our School Compact. If you have suggestions for either of these documents feel free to give me or Mrs. Smith a call at 437-6675. We also have a Parent Resource Room located in the Media Center at MCMS.

Parent Resource Center

For more information about public education in Georgia, visit the Georgia Department of Education website.


Mrs. Patricia Whaley
Parent Involvement Coordinator

Email [email protected]


Helpful Suggestions

According to the article "Critical Thinking" in  the Home & School Connection newsletter (Resources for Educators, 2013), helping your child develop critical thinking skills will help him/her in all subjects in school.  Some suggestions to help develop critical thinking skills include:

  • Asking your child to find similarities in objects that do not appear to have anything in common, such as a clock and a sneaker
  • Writing a fairy tale from another point of view, such as the wolf's point of view in the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs
  • Playing strategic games such as checkers and chess; also solo games such as Sudoku and Rush Hour